Garlic for Purchase
We will have for sale at this website, hardneck variety organically grown garlic and garlic scapes, at different times each year. Scapes harvest in June and the Garlic bulbs harvest around end of July. In an effort to be fully organic certified, we have to wait about three seasons to be able to certify that our soils are structured for organic growing. This being said, because we are just starting, we won't have a certified harvest of organic garlic until 2018. Due to the fact we don't know what was previously grown in our soils, these are the requirements deemed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Please be assured that although we do not have our certification yet, our garlic will always be grown organically.
Garlic Information and Recipes
If there's one thing we want to pass along, that is the health benefits of garlic and the many many ways to enjoy it. Check this site often for latest in information and recipes!!

Farm to Table Dinners and Events

These dinners are becoming a hit!! Everyone loves the opportunity to enjoy locally produced, farm fresh produce and meats, while being surrounded by the beautiful country view we at Garlic Breath Farm enjoy every day. Enjoy a Multi-course menu, full of delicious foods, all prepared on our farm.
We love to feature local farmers and venders, joining forces with Garlic Breath Farm, to bring to you a wonderful dining experience you will tell your family and friends about.
We plan on hosting a Farm to Table dinner once a month from Spring to Fall. Visit our website and Facebook page often, for event announcements, to reserve your spot. They go fast!!
Annual Garlic Social
Though we are just starting, we hope to hold annual "Garlic Socials", to meet neighbors and farmers in the area who also share our love of garlic. Event date and times will be posted at some point in the future. Hope to see ya there!!